Batch Location Import

With Google Earth Pro, you can create up to 2,500 placemarks by importing a list of addresses. This list has to be either a .txt file or .csv file. The first row, or header, is very important, it contains the field names. I suggest creating this file in Excel, cleaning up the data, and saving it as a .CSV file.  The address is usually split into several columns: Address (house number and street name), City, State and Zip code.  Placemarks are added by geocoding, however, they are sometimes are off the correct location by a short distance. Geocoding finds an address by a method called interpolation.  Additional information beyond the name and address may be included in the spreadsheet, e.g. parent's name, home phone number.

Once imported, you can modify properties of features individually or as a group through the folder. To correct a location for an individual address, click the plus sign next to the geocoding results until you see each individual point. Right click a point and select “Properties” (“Get Info” on a Mac) to enter the properties window. When the point is highlighted in a blinking yellow box, you can drag it to the right spot.

You can also change appearances of this point. Right-click on a folder and select “Properties” to bring up the properties window for that folder. By changing properties of a folder, you can assign same symbol to all points under this folder.

While Google Earth Pro is required to import and create these data points, once created this collection of address locations may be saved and viewed on a computer running the standard free version of Google Earth.

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