Enhanced Placemarks

Adding Images to a Placemark

Find the Federal Center in downtown Battle Creek.  In the Search, Fly to window, enter the address: 74 Washington Ave N, Battle Creek, MI 49037.  Place a placemark on top of the building.  Name it Federal Center and in the description copy and paste this text including the < >.  <img src= "http://pics2.city-data.com/picthumbc/thumbc19566.jpg">   

Try this for another location, such as your school.  The image you use must be an image you can find online.  Replace the address between the quotes with the address for your image.  To find an image address when the image is on a web page, right click the image and go to properties.  Copy the address that ends in .jpp,.gif, or .png.  This also works if the image is stored locally, by entering the entire address.  I'm not sure if locally referenced images will be uploaded if the files is saved. Try it and see.

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Adding a Hyperlinks andText to Placemark

Create a description for a location with a web address, such as your school.  The web address should include the http:// in the address.  If you have success, try adding a photo using the HTML code above.  To add carriage returns in the description, use the HTML’s code of: <BR>.  To center an image add the <center> and </center> HTML text around image.


Sharing a Placemark

After you have created a placemark, you can easily share it with others on the Google Earth Community BBS website. To do this, right click on the placemark and choose Share/Post. A wizard appears at the bottom of the screen. Follow the instructions.  You must create an account on the Google Earth BBS to share your placemarks.

Hall Davidson's Tech Guide to Ehancing Placemarks

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