KMZ, KML and Overlays

Overlays of Historical Maps

How has our view of the world changed over the years?  Turn on the Rumsey Historical Maps under Gallery - Rumsey Historical Maps.  Select one map.

Answer the question above.  Consider the role accurate maps has played in history.

Sample KMZ and KML files

View historical or archeological sites
Stamford Bridge
Historical Rome

Historical Exploration
South Pole

Google Lessons directory of .kmz files

Interactive Quiz on Africa:
Quiz file:


KMZ or KML - what's the difference?

KML file text based files composed of tags similar to XML.

KMZ are KML (keyhole markup language) files that have been zipped up along with their related files, such as image overlays. This means that you can share image overlays and custom icons without having to publish the files on an external web server or mail them as an attachment.

Saving Places Data

  You can save placemarks, shapes, and entire folders (and their contents) to your computer's hard drive. The placemark file or folder is saved as a single file in KMZ format, which you can open at any time in Google Earth.  Just right click on an item or folder and select Save Place As…

You can email any placemark, shape, or folder from within Google Earth, but you can also email any KMZ file. You can post a KMZ file to the Google Earth BBS where other Google Earth users can view the information.

Each time you start Google Earth, all the places data is processed during startup, even if it is not turned on.  Save folders of files on the hard drive to improve Google Earth performance.

KMZ and overlay files to try out
File Size: 182 kb
File Type: zip
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File Size: 2637 kb
File Type: kmz
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File Size: 701 kb
File Type: kmz
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